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Our Mission Statement

Building trusted relationships by shaping a positive rental housing experience with grace, compassion, and a commitment to excellence.

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1. Our Experience

We have been managing residential property in North San Diego County exclusively since 1986. Our growth from just a handful of properties to our current portfolio of more than 1500 homes, condos & apartments as well as our growth from one property manager to ten full time, licensed property managers is a testament to our dedication and client satisfaction.

2. Our Leasing Team

We maintain a team of friendly & helpful people whose sole responsibility is to assist prospective tenants. They coordinate our advertising, showing of properties and tenant screening. The leasing team allows our property managers to focus on your property, your tenants and issues as they arise. This process results in faster turnovers, (we average less than 2 weeks from the time we post a vacancy until it is rented) reduced vacancy time and happier new tenants.

3. Our Property Managers Team

Our property managers are all employees, which means our company dictates how they operate as opposed to independent contractors which is how most real estate offices operate. We have accountability and transparency built into our operating protocol. This allows our Division Manager to readily see what is pending and enables her to fill in when an agent is sick, or on vacation.

4. Our Geographical Commitment

We serve North San Diego County exclusively. The reason for that is simple... we need to be able to go by the property frequently and have the ability to respond quickly in an emergency. How can you do that if you are managing anywhere in San Diego County as well as adjoining counties?

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Our Comprehensive Services

We will provide you with Maximum Cash Flow, Minimum Exposure, and Control Over Your Valuable Time


Let CPM keep you safe! The ever-changing legal landscape of Landlord-Tenant Law is the biggest threat to a Landlord's financial and emotional wellbeing.


Let CPM achieve maximum exposure and optimum results for you! Finding a suitable tenant in the shortest time possible is paramount to your success.

Tenant Screening

Let CPM guide you in tenant selection! We set high standards and thoroughly evaluate prospect's credit, employment, income, and references.

Rent Collection

Let CPM enforce your rent collection! All rent is due on the 1st and late on the 4th. Most of our tenants pay rent electronically and 98% are on time.

Property Inspections

Let CPM keep your property well maintained and documented! We make regular inspections to avoid emergencies and deferred maintenance.


Let CPM manage your expenses as if they were our own! Our relationships with trusted vendors of all trades produce quality workmanship at fair prices.

Financial Reporting

Let CPM take care of the paperwork! We provide monthly statements and copies of invoices in a secure owner portal that are accurate, and easy to understand.


Let CPM be the hammer! Very few of our tenancies end in eviction. However, when needed, we deploy our legal team and recover possession rapidly.

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Our Clients Love Us

We deliver incredible results!

My experience has been remarkable! We have relied on CPM’s expertise to find the right tenants over the years. They have provided peace of mind for me as an owner!

- Hector T. - Property Owner

Mike and his staff have consistently exceeded our high expectations. We don’t have to worry about the day-to-day details. The entire team is so helpful and informed!

- Joel & Barbara K. - Property Owners